Deepdale – Apesford

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John b.1691 was the third son John b.1691 was the third son of George and Elizabeth.   He was not as well provided for and seemed to move at different times from Grindon to Leek and Onecote.  One problem was that there was more than one John getting married and having families in the area in the period 1710 to 1745.  Working out these relationship is explained on the John of Apesford page.  The page also explains how DNA testing proved the hypothsis correct.

John’s first marriage was in 1724; he moved to Onecote and was a blacksmith there. He had 2 sons by this marriage.

George b.1726 (Apesford, Macclesfield, Reddish, Revidge, Stockport)

Thomas b.1730 (Coxon Green, Onecote, Prudence)

He married a second time in 1737 to a Mary Lovatt.  Some children died young but Martha married a John Salt in 1759.

His son William was the founder of the Youlgreave, Hartington, Derby market gardner and Elton families.

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George b.1726 at some stage of his life moved to Apesford Farm. He had two sons

Joshua b. about 1760 (Apesford)

John b. about 1766 (Macclefield, Reddish, Revidge, Stockport)

Joshua b. about 1760 continued to live at Apesford as did his son, his grandson and possibly his greatgrandson after him.

John b about 1766 had 4 sons and 2 daughters. The sons were

George, whose son Joshua lived at Stockport.

Benjamin, who lived at Revidge a farm next to Apesford.

Joshua, who may have had no family.

John, whose sons, Joshua and Benjamin moved to Reddish and Macclesfield respectively. It was Joshua’s sons who established the successful chain of butcher’s shops in Stockport.

Thomas b.1730 continued his father’s trade as blacksmith at Onecote. He married twice but had no surviving issue by his first wife. His son John, who lived at Coxon Geen, also married twice and had children by both wives. John’s only known Titterton descendants are the children of his daughter Prudence. His daughter Elizabeth married John Gregory and has Gregory descendants and others through Horobin and Mountford.