William the ‘Grass Trampler’

Many people try to trace their descent back to William the Conqueror.  This is unlikely  for the Tittertons but the family is likely to have been founded by ‘William the Grass Trampler’.

The earliest reference to a member of the family is a William de Tyderyngton who, with others was taken to court by the Lady of the manor of Hartington, Isabella de Poole, for trampling down her grass.

1397 with ttn circled

Here is the entry in the court records.

Date  From 6th October 1397   Place Alstonefield, Staffs

Staff[ordiensis]  Isabella qui fuit ux[or] Joh[ann]is de la Pole p[er] attorn[atum] sua[m] op[tulit] se iiij[to] die v[er]sus Henr[icus] Marion Will[el]m[us] Perkson Will[e]m[us] de

Tyderyngton [et] Hugon[is] del Grene de pl[ac]ito quare vi [et] armis herbam ip[s]ius Isabelle ad valent decem libraram

apud astonfeld nup[er] q[ue] estantem cum quibusdam av[er]ijs depasti fuer[int] concultanq[ue] [et] consumpserunt [et] alia

suo[rum] una [et]c Et cont[ra] pacem [et]c Et ip[s]i non ven[erunt] Et prec[eptum] fuit vic[ecommes] q[uo]d attach[erunt] eos [et]c Et  vic[ecommes] inde mand[atum] q[uo]d quil[ibe]t eor[um]

attach[erunt] est p[er] Joh[ann]em Stot [et] Will[ia]m Drewe I[de]o ip[s]i in mi[sericordi]a Et prec[eptum] est vic[ecommes] q[uo]d distr[ingatur] eos p[er] suus tra[nsgression]e [et]c Et q[uo]d de ex [et]c

Et q[uo]d h[ab]eat corp[or]a eor[um] hic in Octav[i] S[anct]i Hillar[i] [et]c



This has been translated in a calendar entry at The National Archives CP 40 547 De Banco Mich 21 R[ichard] II (Vol 15 1894).

Staff Isabella, formerly wife of John de la Pole, sued Henry Marion, William Perkson, William de Tyderyngton and Hugh del Grene, for treading down and consuming her grass at Alstonefield vi et armis to the value of £10, with their cattle.  The defendants did not appear, and the Sheriff was ordered to distrain and produce them on the Octaves of St Hillary.

My translation

Staffordshire: Isabella who was the wife of John de la Pole, by her attorney, sued on the quarter day against Henry Marion, William Perkson, William Tyderyngton and Hugh del Green of a suit that by force of arms they, with their livestock, trampled and consumed grass of the same Isabella, near Alstonefield, which was there standing, to the value of £10 and of others against the [Kings] peace etc.  And they did not come [to the court] and the precept is that the Sheriff should attach them [to attend] etc.  And the Sheriff, therefore, is mandated that whosoever [ie all] of them is attached by John Stot and William Drewe.  Therefore the same are at mercy.  And the precept is that the Sheriff should distrain them for their trespass etc.  And that out of etc.  And that he shall have their bodies [ie make them come to court] at the Octave of St Hilary etc.

(Some legal terms were not always completed because, at that time, everyone knew what they meant and it saved time to use etc.)

Reference No: PRO CP40/547/M432

[ ] Denotes expansion of abbreviations by transcriber.

Rutha Titterton

December 2000